There are countless opinions floating around society consistently, wrapping our brains with images of beauty standards. Eat better. Eat less. Tone up. Slim down. It is a battle to express genuine love for our bodies. We are conditioned to suppress ourselves. We’re taught, through microaggressions and blatant slander, to obsess over our flaws, hide our bodies in shame, and compete with one another. This self-hatred epidemic ignited many movements of self-love, acceptance, and freedom from social constructs. New generations are fighting to normalize the idea that all bodies are beautiful and valuable. The goal is to ultimately to gain both self-love and confidence, instead of replicating a prototype made by society. Honestly accept fat, stretch marks, cellulite, sagging skin, dark skin, light skin. Every day you have to make a conscious choice to shift your perspective. If you need help, be sure to reach out to a professional, or a friend, and there is always a community waiting to accept you, just look.


The goal of my series is to push these ideas in a fun way. We have things that make us unique and separate us, but something we can all connect with is our love for food. I want to make girls feel like they can have their cake and eat it too. You can love yourself and your food. It sounds stupid, but your life will be much happier if you embrace that. Be you. And eat whatever the fuck you want.


I will be doing medium and largely sized oil painted portraits of women eating whatever their favorite snack is, the background is whatever their favorite color is. In order to do this right, I needed good reference photos. But, I did not want this to be just another portrait with little significance. I actually met up with these women, asked some questions, and shoot my reference alongside a professional photographer and good friend, Katie Manley. I asked questions to help me get some key descriptors to focus on while painting, as well as getting to know them. I provided the snacks for them and made them feel comfortable and confident while the spotlight was on them.

Stay tuned! Thank you.


© 2018 by Cheymonique Bridges

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